Graduation Requirements

Classes of 2021 - 2025

English  (4 credits)

Social Studies (2.5 credits)

*(Government requires the passing of a constitution test per school code)

Mathematics (3 credits)

Science (2 credits)

Career Education (Freshman only)

Health (0.5 credit)

Consumer Education (0.5 credit)

Physical Education

Electives (11.5 credits)

*Students must complete one year of courses that include intensive instruction in computer literacy.  Courses that count towards that requirement are: English 10, English 11, Broadcast Journalism, American Studies, US History, World Studies.

24 Total Credits Required for Graduation

To graduate from high school, unless otherwise exempted, each student is responsible for:

a. A student is exempt from this requirement if: (1) the student is unable to file a financial aid application or an ISBE waiver due to extenuating circumstances, (2) the Building Principal attests the District made a good faith effort to assist the student or the student's parent/guardian with filing a financial aid application or an ISBE waiver form, and (3) the student has met all other graduation requirements.

The above requirements do not apply to students with disabilities whose course of study is determined by an Individualized Education Program or students who are exempted from participation in certain courses in accordance with State law.