Health Sciences Course Descriptions

07810 Intro to Health Occupations                                                                                                               

 Description: Intro to Health Care Occupations will provide students an introduction to the healthcare industry. Students will learn an overview of health care delivery and patient care including assessment of vital signs, body mechanics, and diet.  They will also be exposed to several different types of medical equipment and learn how they are used.

 Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

State Course: 14001A001 -  Orientation to Health Occupations

AC3321 AC Human Disease & Medical Terminology                                                                   Articulated (RVC) Weighted  

 Description: This course will cover medical terminology through the lens of human disease. Students will use case studies to diagnose and evaluate treatment plans, cover pathology, diagnoses and treatments of human diseases.  Other course content includes building medical terms from word parts and specific medical terms relating to body systems. Students will also learn about diseases and how they can affect the human body, their causes and risk factors, transmission, prevention and treatments.  

Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

State Course: 14154A001 - Medical Terminology (CTE Course)

Articulated Credit Information: 

DC3331 DC Emergency Medical Technician                                                                                   Dual Credit (RVC) Weighted  

Emergency Medical Technician requires an application process.  Please see Counselor for more details.

Description:  Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is a class to prepare students to take the EMT - Basic test.   The EMT course covers emergency care, handling, and extrication of the critically ill and injured. 

Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

State Course: 14055A001  - Emergency Medical Technician

Dual Credit Information: 

DC3332 DC Nutrition and Community Health                                                                                   Dual Credit (RVC) Weighted  

 Description:  This course will explore how health care organizations work to protect and improve the health of people and their communities. Students will learn about community health programs, their cost, and individual access to such programs at varying levels. This course will also explore nutrition and its overall impact on an individual’s health. 

Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

State Course: 16054A003, Nutrition and Wellness Occupations 

Dual Credit Information: 

          FWS 237 - Nutrition for Optimum Living