Computer Science Courses

0270 Advanced Placement Computer Science A AP Class Weighted

  • Grade Level: 10-12

  • AP Class


  • Credits Earned: 1

  • Prerequisite: Algebra 2, Algebra 2 AC, or concurrent enrollment in Algebra 2 AC

  • Credit earned in AP Computer Science A will satisfy 1 year of Math credit requirements.

Description: Computer Science teaches students to design, implement, and analyze solutions to problems that arise in everyday life - with computers! Students will learn the Java language (the most used computer language in the world) and apply it to write, run, test, and debug solutions in the world. This course is recommended for accelerated mathematics students and any student entering a math, business, or science-related field.

Major Topics or Themes: (additional topics may be covered)

  • Object-Oriented Program Design

  • Program Implementation

  • Program Analysis

  • Standard Data Structures

  • Standard Operations and Algorithms

State Course: 10157A000-AP Computer Science A

AC07400 AC Computers Applications Articulated (RVC) Weighted

  • Grade Level: 9-12

  • Credits Earned: 0.5

  • Prerequisite: None

Description: Computer Applications is orientation-level course designed to develop problem-solving skills to hands-on, real-life situations using a variety of software applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, database management and presentation software.

Major Topics or Themes: (additional topics may be covered)

  • Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

State Course: 10004A001, Computer Concepts & Software Applications

AC3757 AC Introduction to Networking and Coding Articulated (RVC) Weighted

  • Grade Level: 11-12

  • Credits Earned: 1

  • Prerequisite: None

Description: This course will provide an introduction to computer concepts, principles and terminology. A number of hands on computer experiences will be provided and students will learn some basic skills necessary to develop code and mobile apps. This course will also teach the student how to install new machines in a stand-alone or networked environment.

Major Topics or Themes: (additional topics may be covered)

  • Overview of PC hardware and software.

  • Preventative maintenance and system care.

  • Tools, safety procedures and troubleshooting techniques.

  • Assembling and disassembling a PC.

  • System configuration, system resources and conflicts

  • Disk drives and drive interfaces.

State Course: 10102A001

DC3758 DC Advanced Computer Networking Dual Credit (RVC) Weighted

  • Grade Level: 11-12

  • Credits Earned: 1

  • Prerequisite: Please see a counselor

Description: Advanced Computer Networking will provide an introduction to local area networks (LAN’s) and teach features of Windows and Linux operating systems. Students will learn troubleshooting strategies while they install a local area network.

Major Topics or Themes: (additional topics may be covered)

  • Installation and management of a local area networks

  • Unix/Linux operating systems

  • Functions of a multi-user operating system

  • File system structure

  • Shell programming

State Course: 10102A001