Driver Education

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17011 Classroom Driver Education

  • Grade Level: 10-12
  • Credits Earned: 0.5
  • Prerequisite: Passing grades in 8 classes in last 8 semesters

Description: The purpose of the Driver’s Education course is the development of our student drivers to become competent and responsible users of the roadway transportation system. Students will learn various driving strategies and techniques that can be applied to make their driving experiences as safe as possible through their classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction. Thirty (30) clock hours of instruction is required of all eligible students. The student must also complete six (6) hours of driving and six (6) hours of observation with a certified instructor during their behind-the-wheel training.

Major Topics or Themes: (additional topics may be covered)

  • Rules of the Road
  • Signs and Markings
  • Instrument Gauges, Controls, and Devices
  • Performing Basic Vehicle Maneuvers
  • Rural, Urban, and Expressway Driving
  • Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Effects of Alcohol, Drugs, and Texting While Driving

State Course: 08151A000, Drivers Education Classroom Only

Driver Education Behind-the-Wheel

  • Grade Level: 11-12
  • Credits Earned: .5
  • Prerequisite: Illinois Permit, Classroom Driver Education, passing grades in 8 classes during the previous 2 semesters, and selection in the lottery system

Description: Behind-the-Wheel is a program that utilizes both the driving and observation time for each student each day with the following objectives: helps students understand how and why a motor vehicle functions; help students develop the skills required for safe and efficient driving under varying conditions; help students develop habits of safe, courteous, and law-abiding practices in the operation of a motor vehicle; help students develop proper attitudes in regard to personal and social responsibility in the operation of a motor vehicle, and help students develop pride and self-discipline in the operation of a motor vehicle. A student will need the Illinois Instruction Permit and must pass the Classroom Driver Education phase.

Behind the Wheel will not be listed on student schedules. Students who have passed Classroom Driver Education will be eligible for Behind the Wheel Slots based on their birth date. Preference will be given to those with the earliest birth date. The Driver Education teacher will inform you of your assigned driving slot.