11th Grade English

All Juniors will be registered for English 11.

0133 English 11                         

Description: During the course of this year, English 11 covers American literature, both fiction and nonfiction, that have shaped the direction of American culture, intellectual thought, and government. As we read this literature, students will build on the skills learned as freshmen and sophomores to enhance and expand their ability to analyze author’s words and arguments. Because this is a writing intensive course, these works of literature will be the subject of writing assignments, as well as the source of the skills learned to help students improve their own writing. Our goal in this class is to help students become the type of successful critical thinkers and communicators necessary to succeed in life, whether that is in college or in a professional career.

Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

State Course: 01003A000, English/Language Arts III

0146 Advanced Placement  English-Language and Composition                                             AP Class (Weighted)

 Description: The AP English Language and Composition course introduces a college-level rhetoric and writing curriculum, which requires students to develop evidence-based analysis and writing skills. Students evaluate, synthesize, and cite research to support their arguments. Counts for an English 11 credit.

 Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

State Course: 01005A000 AP English Language and Composition 

0425 American Studies   

Description:  American Studies is a team-taught, double-period course that fulfills the graduation requirements in both English 11 and U.S. History. Junior level students will use critical thinking and analytical skills to survey American history from the colonial era to the present, with special emphasis on historical and rhetorical analysis. The course will train students to communicate clearly in writing and speech while exploring American culture from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will use project-based learning to investigate a larger understanding of what it means to be an American (in the past, present, and future of our country). Learning activities include reading, research, composition, reflection, and oral presentation, in both individual and collaborative modes. 

Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

State Course: 04101A000, U.S. History Comprehensive and 01003A000, English/Language Arts III (11th Grade)