Fine Arts


Our high schools offer courses for students with instrumental music skills that range from basic to advanced.  All courses are for a full year and require an audition with the director.

Students enrolled in the Symphonic Band, Concert Band and Freshman Band combine to form the Marching Band and Pep Band which participates at home football  or basketball games, parades or other pep events, and a pre-school marching workshop.  One evening Marching Band rehearsal is held preceding each home football game. Participation in marching and pep band rehearsals and performances is required of all students enrolled in the Symphonic Band, Concert Band and Freshman Band.  However, a student may be excused from rehearsal, parade, or marching/pep event if they are participating in another high school sponsored activity where that activity's performance directly conflicts with those of the Marching or Pep Band.

Introduction to Band is offered to students who wish to join band and learn an instrument, but have no prior experience.  These students are not required to be part of the marching band.  Current band students who wish to learn a second instrument may also enroll in Introduction to Band.


Course offerings range from the fundamentals of vocal music to those for the highly skilled.  The program is structured so that four years of vocal music can be taken.  All music classes are for one year.  Acappella, Mixed Chorus, Treble Clef, Show Choir, and Choraliers require auditions with the director.


The educational aim in the theatre department is to provide for the optimum social, emotional and intellectual growth and development of students in light of their needs and interests.  It is our belief that theatre plays a vital role in the education of the youth of the community.  Theatre education directs itself to skill, value, knowledge and application. The unique contribution of theatre education in the curriculum is that it combines all abilities of a student to accomplish this purpose.

It is our philosophy that the focus of our theatre education program is on the student’s ability:  how to help the students develop, to be challenged and become self-directed; how to help the student develop knowledge and understanding about talents and abilities and gain confidence in those talents and abilities. Above all, the focus is on how to help each student develop and maintain a real joy of theatre which will remain with the student throughout his or her life.

The theatre education program should have balanced emphasis.  Classroom instruction is important, but because of the extraordinary demands in the theatre, many classes will be supervised on an independent, outcome based system.  The student will be taught and then demonstrate mastery of theatre skills.  This method of instruction will help the student develop responsibility and pride in his or her work.  A student will carry those aspects with him or her into other studies throughout his or her life.

Visual Arts

All art courses are one semester in length.  Each class is a project-oriented class.  Both the beginner and the advanced student can benefit from the program.  Drawing & Painting, Advanced Drawing & Painting, Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics, and Computer Art 2 may be repeated for credit.

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