Family & Consumer Science Course Descriptions

08000 Foods 1   

Description: Foods 1 is the first of a three-course sequence in nutrition, food preparation, consumerism, and food presentation. Students are introduced to the concepts of safety and sanitation; kitchen tool selection, care, storage and proper usage; measurements, nutrition, baking basics, and simple food preparation.

Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

State Course: 16054A001, Nutrition & Culinary Arts I

08041 Foundations of Teaching and Learning   

Description:  This course will examine how schools work and will begin to look at the different types of careers in education.  This course also introduces the study of child development from pregnancy to age of 3. Students will discover the importance of the early years in infants and toddlers physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

State Course: 19151A001, Foundations of Teaching

08030 Foods 2

Description: Foods 2 is a one semester course that has been developed to extend students culinary knowledge and abilities.  This course will allow students to complete advanced recipes and plan meals with time, nutrition and budgets in mind.

Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

State Course: 16054A002, Nutrition & Culinary Arts II

AC08101 AC Early Childhood Teaching Articulated Credit (RVC) Weighted Grading   

Description: Coursework includes opportunities for students to create and develop teaching objectives, design lesson plans, and experience teaching in a preschool lab.  Students examine and practice teaching strategies, learning styles, time management and planning strategies, presentation and questioning skills, classroom management, and evaluation techniques.  Students will also study the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development of children ages 3-5 as they partake in a hands-on preschool lab.   

Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

State Course: 19152A001, Educational Methodology 

Articulated Credit Information: 

08200 Commercial Foods   

Description: Commercial Foods is a one semester class, but a double period to accommodate the time frame needed to prepare meals and serve them to the teachers.  Students learn about the restaurant industry, Meat/Poultry, Frying, and much more!

Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

State Course: 16052A001, Culinary Occupations I

DC8061 DC Teaching Internship   Dual Credit (RVC) Weighted Grading

Description:  During his/her class time students participate in an internship placement in a classroom at an assigned school. The student will aid children where needed and complete other tasks under the direct supervision of a teacher. Students are responsible for transporting themselves to the assigned school. 

Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered.

State Course: 19198A000, Education and Training Workplace Experience

Dual Credit Information: 

08120 Adult Living   

Description: The purpose of this course is to help prepare the student for life in the adult world, with emphasis on emotional, social, and practical aspects of living. 

Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

 State Course: 19259A001, Family and Career Relationships

DC80651 Teaching with Technology   

Description: Technology for Teachers covers basic technology used in learning in K-12 classrooms with special emphasis on computer operations and concepts. The application of concepts and skills in making decisions concerning the social, ethical, and human issues related to technology and computing and the consequences of misuse is addressed. Students who complete this course will receive dual credit for RVC’s EDU 234: Introduction to Technology for Teachers. 

Major Topics or Themes:  (additional topics may be covered)

 State Course: TBD